What are LindgrenLaw Services?

Legal & Consulting Services

  • Transactions Counsel + Strategic corporate advice & counsel
  • On-Call General Counsel, Corporate Secretary, Compliance Officer, Risk Officer, Privacy Officer
  • IP Counsel
  • “Forensic Lawyering” and Investor Support
  • RFP Project Counsel
  • Board Retreats, Employee Training & Public Speaking

Transactions Counsel + Strategic Corporate Advice & Counsel

LindgrenLaw regularly drafts all sizes & shapes of legal agreements, and provides operational and strategic counsel for software technology transactions; cloud and hosting agreements; new application development; joint ventures; channel partners, VARs and other re-seller/distribution agreements.

Reviews and negotiates complex and ordinary course contracts, such as professional services agreements, NDAs, non-competes, employment agreements, strategic joint venture & teaming arrangements, consulting services agreements, end-user agreements and licenses of all kinds, while keeping an eye on the myriad related legal issues, such as data privacy & security; intellectual property rights; data ownership, and healthcare regulatory compliance.

IP Counsel

LindgrenLaw identifies and captures all your Intellectual Property assets, and builds an IP matrix to track, manage and protect your IP portfolio going forward, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, domain names, etc.

RFP Project Counsel

As a team of professionals are gathered together, for purposes of responding to a private or government-funded RFP or RFI in the area of health IT, LindgrenLaw is often invited to serve as a subcontractor on a Teaming Agreement to handle the legal and compliance issues for the project, including draft RFP/RFI responses in those areas for the Project Team.

On-Call as General Counsel

Our General Counsel On-Call service provides you an experienced General Counsel (and/or Corporate Secretary, Compliance Officer, Risk Officer, Privacy Officer) who serves as a “Management Extender” to extend your company’s management team and even attend Board or senior management meetings for immediate advice on business and legal and governance issues. Issues are promptly handled by a seasoned attorney, strategic advice & counsel is readily available, Board, governance, corporate and regulatory formalities, if any, are dealt with as Corporate Secretary, and any litigation is carefully managed… leaving the Founders/ C-suite more time to focus on growing the business.

Investor Support + Forensic Lawyering

Parachutes into orgs at CEO, CFO or VC/PE invitation as interim executive leader, serving as Chief Legal, Compliance, Privacy and/or Risk Officer, as well as Chief IT Audit Executive, rebuilding legal, corporate, governance, IT Audit, compliance & risk operations.

 LindgrenLaw also assists angel/VC/PE investors by conducting specialized, legal and risk management due diligence… you’ve heard of forensic accounting? LindgrenLaw calls this “forensic lawyering.”

Board Retreats, Employee Training & Public Speaking

Regularly provide spirited and thought-provoking training and educational presentations to groups of employees,  entrepreneurs, physicians and hospital staff, leadership teams, investors, governing Board retreats, and corporate IT, sales and marketing teams across the country.

Building the Business of Healthcare IT:

Many have observed that all businesses go through a generally similar pattern of growth and maturation as an organization. At some point during the growth of your business you realize that…

      YOU… are a rising young company that is getting distracted from a laser-focus on growing your business;

      YOU... have Founders/Leadership Team wearing too many hats, and too many compliance Qs from customers and employees require the expertise of a lawyer, or a Privacy Officer or Compliance Officer; and

      YOU… are worried about some of the following:

  • To extend your sales team, various channel partner strategic options need to be explored, including distributors, resellers, joint ventures and value-added resellers
  • You are considering licensing your proprietary technology or intellectual property (IP) to 3rd parties, as an additional revenue stream
  • You already license your IP, but always use the other party’s legal paper and wonder if that is sufficient to protect your IP?
  • You are considering licensing technology or IP from 3rd parties, or using Open Source code
  • You are looking to the future and wonder what you can be doing now to strategically prepare the business for a successful IPO or other exit strategy?
  • Steady increase in your outside legal counsel bills
  • Employee count is rapidly increasing, and you are worried about need for non-competes?
  • You see inconsistent treatment of employees, and differing HR decisions depending on which Founder the employee asks
  • EEOC/DOL or other complaint was filed against your company by a government agency, or a lawsuit hit the company
  • Real-time legal counsel is needed in attendance (remote or in-person) at Board meetings and senior leadership meetings to manage immediate legal, compliance, governance and corporate secretary matters

     Does this sound familiar?   LindgrenLaw can extend the reach of your Senior Management, because…

 WE… take the time to learn the business of your company, and truly partner with your executive team to become a trusted advisor and strategic counselor to senior management… no charge for time spent getting up-to-speed.

WE… build the legal infrastructure… not bureaucracy, just structure… for your growing business, from Agreements & Licenses, to corporate and employee Policies & Procedures that reflect your company culture.

WE… build your data Privacy & Security Compliance Program, and provide counsel on related laws, as applicable to your company.

WE… provide strategic advice & counsel on your options for developing channel partner arrangements, including joint ventures, distribution and reseller/VAR relationships, and related legal agreements.

WE… build your IP assets protection program, including the legal agreements/licenses for technology transfer.

WE… provide advice & counsel when real-time legal counsel is needed in attendance at Board meetings and senior management meetings

And WE… offer the experience and seasoning of nearly 35-years of law practice, in major law firms and as Chief Legal Officer for several different technology companies.

Examples of Recent Client Matters

  • Drafted the entire licensing and HR infrastructure for dozens of young companies, including a EULA, Privacy Policy, channel partner agreements, tech transfer, hosting agreement, consulting agreements, NDA, non-compete agreement, and various other services agreements and contract templates.
  • Invited to join an NIH grant application team to build part of the national HIE network.
  • VC with no prior healthcare industry experience invited LindgrenLaw to do Enterprise Risk Assessment on prospective health IT investment.  Advised on poor status of regulatory compliance, and path to HIPAA and other regulatory compliance post-investment.
  • Invited to attend all Board and senior management meetings of a technology company as outside General Counsel, as the CEO wanted the benefit of real-time advice & counsel.
  • Established the corporate compliance, governance and licensing legal framework for a start-up health informatics company
  • Reviewed strategic alliance and joint venture agreements for small IT consulting firms, and counseled on necessary protections against loss of IP rights in their work product, among other issues.
  • Invited to act as outside General Counsel for a state RHIO, with responsibility for all legal, licensing, compliance and transactional issues.
  • Retained as a subcontractor to the Project Team (an aggregation of several companies and professionals), which successfully responded to an RFP issued by the CDC. Responsible for all legal/regulatory compliance issues and drafted responses on those topics for the project; advice & counsel on Teaming Agreement.
  • Provided advice & counsel to a mental health software company contemplating expanding its channel partner arrangements. Drafted, and assisted senior management in negotiating value-added reseller and tech transfer agreements, with significant IP issues.
  • Retained to assist an early stage technology investor to provide On-Call General Counsel legal and regulatory compliance services to his portfolio of emerging technology companies.
  • Advice & counsel for revenue cycle IT consultant moving to new consulting firm, but with a pending non-compete from the prior employer; reviewed new consulting services employment agreement.