Who are LindgrenLaw Clients?

Our Clients

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small-to-Medium Sized Businesses
  • Healthcare-related companies
  • Technology Companies
  • Consultants
  • Investors: Venture Capital, Private Equity, Angels

Technology & Healthcare-Related Businesses

Emerging healthcare industry and technology companies, physicians, entrepreneurs, investors and clients involved in health information technology, cloud computing, informatics, EMRs, data analytics, health information exchange and developing software applications for the healthcare industry are the typical clients served by LindgrenLaw.


LindgrenLaw has worked extensively with solo consultants and small consulting firms, providing seasoned advice & counsel, including drafting professional services agreements, Teaming and joint venture agreements.

Entrepreneurs & Small-to-Medium Size Businesses

LindgrenLaw has worked extensively with entrepreneurs to determine how best to commercialize an invention, and providing seasoned advice & counsel to small-to-medium size businesses, including legal matters involving ordinary course contracting, professional services agreements, non-competes and intellectual property issues.

Investors: Venture Capital, Private Equity, Angels

We also support C-Suite executives and VC/PE/Angel investorsby parachuting into a portfolio health or technology company with a legal/ compliance/IT audit/governance role on a temporary executive team, with goal of building out that corporate infrastructure and personnel, then exiting. 

Client Testimonials

Karin is a terrific General Counsel to work with because she really understands the dichotomies of her profession. She knows when to push hard and when to back off in contracting. She understands the subtleties of timing yet is 100% reliable on her commitments and will rise to any urgent occasion when needed. Karin also knows how to put her attorney training aside and be a member of the internal team, helping all of us put a situation in perspective. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Karin again.

-Susan Penny Brown
Interim CIO/CTO and Owner: Interim IT Management Inc.

I served as a member of the Availity Board and worked closely with Karin as a key member of management. Karin was always very prepared and thorough and always brought keen insights to both tactical and strategic endeavors. Karin was highly respected and trusted by the board, and I highly recommend her both personally and professionally.

-Scott Lynch JD
SVP & Chief Legal Officer, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Minnesota

All good professors know their subject matter, and Karin is a subject-matter expert in healthcare IT law. Great professors are also organized, responsive, engaging, and approachable. Karin is a great professor on all fronts. I studied under her in two classes while in my Master’s program at Northwestern, and asked her to be my first reader on my thesis. Her advice was practical, motivational, and illuminating…

-Mark Morris, MMI
CEO, MRS Systems Inc. (A Volpara Company)

I have had the pleasure of working with Karin as well as continuing both a personal and professional relationship after my tenure at Availity. Karin is the consummate professional – balancing a variety of complex issues and driving for ethical and effective recommendations and decisions.

Karin built a strong team of highly competent professionals focused on driving solid results and building strong relationships. Karin’s knowledge of the legal ins and outs in healthcare IT is unmatched and she strives for excellence always. I look forward to continuing my personal friendship with Karin and hope to be able to work with her again at some point.

-Stephanie Kovalick
Chief Strategy Officer, Sage Growth Partners LLC

I frequently worked directly with Karin throughout our common 7-year tenure at UHC. I would consistently seek her recommendations, opinion and counsel on countless items that included contracts, security, personnel, business relationships and with her work on the legal compliance council.

I found Karin to be an exceptional legal talent and colleague. Her legal knowledge and interpretation of the law is excellent. But what made Karin extra ordinary is her grounded understanding of business and her incredible work ethics. No matter how busy, she always had time to assist in any issue or problem. I would highly recommend Karin and wished I had the opportunity to work with her again without hesitation.

-M. Steven Katamay MD
Sr. Director, Clinical Solutions, Premier Inc.

I have known Karin for a number of years. She excels in her capacity as legal counsel when helping you navigate Master Services Agreements, Statements of Work, BAA’s, etc. She has a bright legal mind and is excellent in breaking down the legal jargon in terms you can understand and comprehend. I highly recommend Karin for any of your legal needs.

-Linda F. McCann
President & CEO, McCann Consulting Group

Karin is an extremely intelligent and articulate attorney with the ability to communicate effectively with customers and colleagues alike. I enjoyed the professional working relationship our Finance team had with her at The Reed Group at the productive output that resulted. Her compliance knowledge spans many levels and areas making her a valued executive.

-Heather Cushman
Controller, BHE US Transmission, Berkshire Hathaway Energy Co.

I had the pleasure of working with Karin Lindgren for her entire tenure at Availity. She is a highly competent and collaborative business partner. Having reorganized her team into a high-performing Legal and Compliance group, she then led Availity into improved audit results and to becoming the only HITRUST certified real-time information network in the country.

Karin has extensive experience and strong results working closely with Boards and Board committees having served as both the Corporate Secretary for the Board, and the lead for the Board’s Audit and Compliance Committee. She is a consummate professional who I have always found to take a balanced approach; advising her business partners, while assuring they understand any risks and balance those risks with rewards.

Having a senior leadership tenure of many years now, Karin is sought out for her wise counsel. She’s a true leader and a talented attorney. The depth of her compliance knowledge is also extensive, which is evident in the success of the compliance program she established at Availity. I do hope I get to work with her again in the future!

-Sherry Anderson, MBA
President, ProgenyHealth LLC

It has been my distinct privilege to be acquainted with Karin through Northwestern University. I was a student in her Legal, Ethical and Social Issues class under the graduate degree program for Medical Informatics. Karin’s unprecedented passion for both Law and Healthcare is infectious and invited me and other classmates to dive deeper into the course material. Her way of intertwining the topics and teaching us to identify healthcare legal issues has helped me formulate a perspective in my career and personal life that will continue to benefit me for years to come.

I found Karin to be highly personable and attuned to my personal interests in mastering the subject matter of the course. She is, in my mind, an ideal mentor and challenges those being taught to internalize the topics while promoting individual thought and growth. I am better for having been able to rub shoulders with Karin and would invite any opportunity to learn from her instruction again, or work with or for her in any circumstance that permitted.

-Kevin Scharnhorst, CISSP, CISM, CPHIMS
Chief Information Security Officer, Health Catalyst

Karin Lindgren joined me on the Board of Directors for the Boulder YWCA. She brought her thoughtful, informed perspective to our discussions which was invaluable and always well received. As a result of her generously donating her time and legal perspective, the YWCA was able to successfully acquire a new program which was a complicated, yearlong process… Karin is a remarkable, competent, intelligent woman who would be an asset to any organization.

-Sandra Weeks
Past-President, YWCA of Boulder County

Outstanding qualities that earned my respect for Karin as one my professors in my Masters degree program in Medical Informatics at Northwestern University. – Her in-depth knowledge of the legal laws as they relate to HealthCare IT and Medical Informatics. This is one of the most important aspects required in the implementation of HIT solutions. – Highlighting the ethical and social issues arising from HIT solutions and implementations. She ensured a pragmatic approach to the social and ethical sides of technology implementations…

-Alicia Barco, MS
Chief Data Officer, Castlight Health

Karin served on the Boulder YWCA Board of Directors from 2011 through 2014. The skill set Karin brought to the board moved the organization forward. Karin is a leader: smart, compassionate, a listener and a creative problem solver. Board members and staff turned to Karin for feedback and guidance. Karin gave selflessly, always putting the interests of the organization above her own needs. Karin is gifted and talented with a true commitment to causes she believes in. The YWCA is still benefiting from her time on the board. Karin’s board leadership skills are masterful.

-Janet Beardsley
Executive Director, YWCA of Boulder County (Retired)

Karin is a terrific subject matter expert as well as a wonderful colleague. I worked with her for several years and she provided sound advice about legal matters for our department. We worked through a number of operational matters, for example initiating new product participation contracts for over 100 institutions and had to review comments for each one of them! I’ve also worked with Karin in her informatics training courses. She is always professional and a delight to work along with no matter the subject.

-Susan R. Bradshaw, MS, MBA, RHIA
Associate VP, Baylor Scott & White Health