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Billing Practices

“In my several decades serving as a corporate lawyer, Chief Legal Officer & General Counsel, I retained countless major national and international law firms, Big 5 management consultants, as well as boutique law firms and solo consultants for matters of varying complexity… and arrived at one consistent observation:

The quality of legal work in almost every area of practice is independent of the size of the firm, while the cost of representation in almost every area of practice is directly related to the size of the firm.”

–Karin J. Lindgren

Lindgrenlaw Group LLC

Clinical Data Privacy & Security Laws

Every state has its own scheme of data protection and privacy laws by now, in addition to federal data privacy legislation… 

Legal Protections

Intellectual Property

A summary of the legal protections available for intellectual property assets.

Health Informatics Definition

What is Health Informatics?

Health informatics is an interdisciplinary science that deals with clinical Health Information Exchange (“HIE”), its structure, acquisition, and use… and the application of computers and technology in healthcare settings.