Billing Practices

LindgrenLaw Approach to Law Practice: 

While legal issues will inevitably happen as a cost of doing business, LindgrenLaw first helps our clients avoid legal problems, rather than running around putting out legal fires and hoping it won’t happen again…and it always will…unless proactive legal services anticipate and pre-empt legal issues, rather than litigate them. Note this is quite different from legal work that concentrates on addressing a specific deal, or one isolated legal dispute… “putting out fires.” 

Second, let’s develop proactive risk management methods, tools and systems to help you identify, quantify and control the legal risks your company is facing. This is a form of strategic consulting, although wider-ranging, helping clients plan more responsibly for future risks and future exit options.

And third, let’s partner as an extension of senior management.  A significant amount of LindgrenLaw’s professional time is spent working with startup Founders and CEO’s of young companies.   We also do a fair amount of corporate matchmaking as we run across synergies among our clients. If we see a possible business partner or mentor that may accelerate your growth, we will introduce you… with permission of all parties.