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LindgrenLaw Group LLC is a woman-owned national healthcare technology law practice & consulting firm, based in beautiful Boulder, CO, with a unique entrepreneurial spirit to match our clients… we focus on building the business of health IT. 

ABOUT LindgrenLaw

The Firm

LindgrenLaw is a solo law practice, and Karin Lindgren is the owner of LindgrenLaw Group.  Karin has nearly 35-years’ experience practicing as a healthcare technology lawyer… and has a STEM degree.  Very early legal counsel on health informatics, data governance, HIPAA privacy & security and SaaS, and served as senior corporate executive at three (3) health technology, informatics and data companies.

Ms. Lindgren has gathered a world-class group of specialized legal talent who are available as needed to support LindgrenLaw’s clients, including patent lawyers, litigators, real estate and tax counsel.



Finally, a Lawyer who speaks your language…LindgrenLaw understands the language of IT, healthcare AND the law.

Firmly believing that an educated client will always get better legal results, Karin Lindgren has spent well over three decades actively counseling, teaching, doing public speaking and conducting training for her clients in the healthcare & technology industries regarding the legal & regulatory compliance environment in which their business operates.